Frontier Medical Staffing is one of the most respected healthcare staffing agency Houston has to offer. Recognized by clients across Southeast Texas as the leader in quality-assured, dependable, nursing jobs and allied health staffing, Frontier Medical Staffing Pulse has been meeting the quality needs of our clients since 20??.

What makes Pulse Staffing different than the myriad healthcare, nurse, or allied health staffing firms in Texas? Nurses and allied health professionals alike trust Pulse Staffing because we do what we say – and our employees earn the money they desire and get the shifts they want.

About Us

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Why Frontier Medical Staffing?

Most staffing firms will say anything to a nurse or allied health professional to convince them to work for their agency so the agency can fill a shift and earn a fast buck. The agency does not take the time to really understand what the nurse or allied health professional values, wants, or needs. The agency does not take the time to properly screen the person to make sure the person has the right quality skills required to perform the job they have applied for safely and properly.

At Frontier Medical Staffing, we have earned the reputation as being the Houston Medical Staffing agency where nurses and allied health professionals not only get the jobs they want and the pay they want, but they also get the dependability, reliability, and professionalism they often cannot get from other agencies.

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